The Clowns We See

Walking away did not only free me from that fancy jail those clowns paraded as leaders were wardens of, it also destroyed the veil that distracted me from seeing what lay behind the glass of deception that their masters were feeding us.

There are those who are stull stuck in this web due to their ignorance not by choice but as a result of the conditioning they were subjected to, because those clowns have damsels they trained to spread the bile… who were smart enough to capture the vulnerable ones and they pulled a number on them. I call them the hand-clappers, because that is the only thing required from them to boost the bruised egos of those clowns. I say this because clowns are nothing but trouble…they spit in your faces and ridicule those who dare to call them out- because the truth is too big of a burden for them really. You see, they are comfortable with our discomfort because we are what fuel their wagon. They are unashamedly confident when it comes to displaying their allegiance to the establishment. The hand-clappers then applaud them for selling out due to their conditioning, we witnessed this when the clowns were applauded by their damsels and the clappers for displaying their disloyalty to the struggle, by jumping at any opportunity that screams spotlight or a chair next to the likes of Jamnandas. I never thought I’d live to see the day these clowns come out with their masters, especially the smallanyana ones who tried to steal the bread.

You won’t tickle everyone by telling the truth and that’s okay, rather be the one to crack the shell that has people drowning in pools of deceit, pain and shame.