Those Smallanyana Birds Never Stopped Chirping

La Nkosi Writes

Do not be fooled by their silence, there was never a change of heart or mind.

When they were recruited into the boat of greed and desire they sold out, but they could not face us because they had to undergo deep conditioning for their rebranding to be a success…which was far from that if we are to be honest. Because their handlers were reckless with keeping things under the covers.

When you give away your freedom by signing a contract that requires for you to defy the masses, what makes you think you’ll be excused from the scrutiny of those who did not flinch when you coughed in their presence, despite the title you boldly brag of in spaces that have now been destroyed by the works of you and those who groomed you?

When you start walking in your truth, you’ll be left with a smaller circle than you had before. Your tolerance for low vibrational people, spaces and things becomes low resulting in the birth of a disconnect, this includes what has been presented to us as facts by our governments and the media.
Because you are no longer thinking or doing things from the shame based identity you were given by the system and its minions.

When the shift begins to occur and the rattling of cages begin, those who once claimed to be for you will start their engines and run with a story that favours them not you…including the parachuted bunch of leaders who act like what they could never become due to their love for power, hunger for recognition and thirst for securing what is now deemed as the ‘soft life’. They run whenever the phantoms of accountability visit the corridors of the problems they swore to troubleshoot which is problematic, because they lack the courage they claim to have gotten from the fallen heroes whose legacies are an ‘inspiration’ to them. Unlike the late Tat ‘Chris Hani who was genuinely loved and understood by those on the ground, we are faced with a crop of social media bobble heads that sing and attack for their bread, at the expense of those on the ground…for a status that will be short-lived.

When these smallanyana birds sing, it only occurs during a time where their wants are being taken care of by those who continue to get away with the wrongs- they commit on a daily which subject the rest of us to the illusion of a revolution on the horizon. This is problematic because it breeds more chaos due to the number of issues faced multiplying, because they aren’t as important as the wants of those who want to be seen as their messiahs.