Let’s Talk About That Grand Master Of Portugal’s Wealthy Military Order of Christ.

The idea of our slavery being the future as Natives stemmed from the masters of the European scholars who were instructed to do so by those who paid them for their works and policies due to their greed and thirst for the riches found in the Mother continent.

There is nothing natural about this idea, nor is there anything godly about it, people like the ‘Grandmaster of Portugal’s Wealthy Military Order of Christ’ are the reason we are here today.
In 1415 Prince Henry and his brothers convinced their father King John of Portugal about their plan to take over the principal Muslim trading depot in the Western Mediterranean on the north eastern tip of Morocco. The Prince and his brothers were envious of the Muslim people’s riches and they were determined to remove the Islamic middleman so that they could find the southern source of gold and African captives. Not long after the battle, Moorish prisoners left the prince spellbound as they shed light on the trans-Saharan trade routes which led them into the disintegrating Empire of Mali. Now due these desert routes being under the control of the Muslim community, the Prince had to “Seek the lands by the way of the sea” which he did, till his death in 1460. He did this by using his title as the ‘Grand Master of Portugal’s Military Order of Christ’, to draw venture capital and loyalists for his African ‘expeditions’.

In 1452, Prince Henry’s nephew, King Afonso V deployed Gomes Eanes de Zurara to work on a biography on the work of his ‘beloved’ uncle and African slave trade ambassador. Zurara was an obedient commander in Prince Henry’s Military Order of Christ and a scholar, he did not waste time when it came to putting together the works, policies and accomplishments that came from the life lived by his Grand Master, who decided to exclusively deal in the trade of Africans.

In 1453, Zurara completed the first European book on Africans and it promoted their enslavement in the modern era. He wrote about the history of Ceuta under the governorship of D. Pedro de Menezes, from its capture in 1415 until 1437, which was ready by 1463 ‘The Chronicle Of The Discovery And Conquest Of Guinea’. Zurara’s inaugural racist ideas were a product of Prince Henry’s racist policies concerning the African Slave Trade. The first Europeans to sail along the Atlantic beyond the Western Sahara’s Cape Bojador with enslaved Africans back to Europe were the Portuguese.

At that time, the Genoese of Italy; the Catalans of Northern Spain and the Valencians of Eastern Spain had already been raiding the Canary Island engaging in the trade of African captives with the Moroccan traders. Prince Henry turned the slave trade into a spectacle, making it known that the Portuguese have now joined the chat and they too form part of the European league of exclusive African slave traders.

Zurara described the Portuguese as different in their slave trading style, because they deemed them as missionary expeditions. Unlike his master’s competitors the Prince mastered his manipulative skills and he effectively put his skill to use.

Prince Henry was the Grand Master Of Manipulation and Deception, he reignited a dying flame and gave it a face-lift, a vile hearted being with an intention that has lived on till this day.


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