Watch Out For Traps Disguised as Life-Changing Contracts

Why would I settle for less when I know my worth?
What makes you think I’d find joy in dividing sons and daughters of the mother continent?
When those who were comfortable with selling out were compensated by the colonizers, what do you think happened to those who refused? Now why would I want to erase all the wrongs my people were subjected to because they refused to denounce the ancient ways of the ancestors, for a mere fee that is nothing compared to the blessings we were born with but have been conditioned into not believing in those who passed down their gifts to us?

Why must I advocate for the advancement of a system that was designed to erase all that makes me who I am as a daughter of the mother continent? If I were to do so I would be ashamed! When given the platform to spread light and enlighten those who are unaware, approach that podium with compassion and allow the wisdom of those who walk with you to guide you, be careful and avoid agreeing to any shady dealings which promote the distortion and ridiculing of your spirituality as an African people.