The Bobble head Problem

We are faced with a problem of being led by bobble heads who would do anything for their masters even if it means, having to form part of those who are trained to destroy us by spreading fake news that promotes our separation as Africans and a favoritism that only leads to more chaos than peace.

Distorted versions of our history flood the shelves of our public libraries, that a majority of Natives use especially during their schooling years and it’s a shame. By now you would think they too would have upgraded their content and stocked up on the pearls of wisdom our African writers have penned down, sadly that is far from being the case. You have many shelves and yet a small section caters to sons and daughters of the mother continent. Instead of Baba Credo Mutwa’s works, Mme Gcina, Ama Ata Aidoo, Kwame Nkrumah..the list is endless! You find Danielle Steel, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter and the likes.
Which serves as a reminder being that our freedom isn’t what it was made out to be, because our public libraries reek of the colonizers hatred towards our own..despite the attempts made to do away with the stench by those who were genuine and those who were forced to act like revolutionary white people.

When we inherited this system because of those who were comfortable with selling out, during a time where they committed to doing away with it. We also inherited all that came with it, this includes infrastructure, education, the law as it was then but with a few changes, policies disguised as masterpieces that were never for us, the healthcare system which till this day has flaws, because not a lot of changes were made, despite the face-lift certain places had undergone…

The freedom charter till this day, has been reduced to nothing but a mere song/slogan politicians use to in my eyes insult the masses. I won’t dispute the fact that it is a part of our history but I raise my eyebrows in how the system is comfortable with sharing that part of our history and not everything.
It is weird for our leaders to act like the needs of their people are being met, when they aren’t because destroying this system meant the reconstruction of another that would cater for the majority and not the minority…which was a workload their predecessors were too lazy to take on.

Today’s African leaders that are not in tune with reality, are unashamedly confident when boasting about their proximity to racist capitalists who are known for their interest in what the mother continent is blessed with, they deliberately promote self-hatred by ridiculing those who call them out for doing so using jokes disguised as insults as they read from the scripts drafted by their masters. They abuse their power and the peoples trust by getting loans from the world bank and the likes, then they repackage it by presenting their greed and thirst for money regardless of the effects their actions have on the pockets of those who actually pay their taxes as solutions and remedies to create employment and attract investors… When in fact we are being sold to the highest bidder.