This Thing Is Not Make Sure..

When they destroy, they make sure to utilize the paperboys and tea girls who lack the political capacity not proximity that would allow them to scrutinize those who present plans and make promises that involve having to sell-out and give away your dignity, all in the name of leading structures that no longer prioritize students.

What we are about to see, is the death of an organization due to the greedy disgruntled ones who have no place in the YL the unfortunate thing about this is how some are recruited into factions to defend and be loyal to them instead of pushing for the transformation of their campuses, this leads to a decay in branches and the crumbling of the masses on the ground.

When the branch is no longer active it becomes a problem because the footprint the student movement once had in the hearts of students fades away…

Things are no longer about the student movement itself, at this point and it leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth.

I could not have put this together without including the views of young people:

We’re a True Reflection of what type of Leadership we’ve Inherited.

Mnelisi Mawela

When this King uttered these words, it left me thinking about the actual number of conditioned ones that only do what their masters instruct them to do with no care whatsoever for their well-being. Those who appear as the odd ones or the pear in a basket of apples, are suffocated by the senior puppets who feel threatened by their authenticity, which is an ugly tradition that has been passed on to the baby hyenas – the current crop of spineless ‘student leaders’…

The student movement has become a territory for wannabe leadership.

Maybe we should first define what a leader is that would give a clear picture telling us that this glorious movement is leaderless. Maybe we should have a SASCO veterans league so they can leave other students in peace and lead the veterans league since it’s all about positions for them.

Year in Year out students are faced with the same problems and yet these celeb leaders claim to be at the forefront. Imagine holding a huge office and yet you cannot even construct a simple sentence but insults you’re no1.

If that’s the quality of “leadership ” that we have I’d rather not be part. When we joined this movement no one said we were going to a circus and yet clowns have occupied office because of proximity

Miss Tee 👑

This Queen, did not hold back when it came to speaking her mind and expressing her views. SASCO is in trouble which is unfortunate because it is not the only option students have in this day and age. Unlike before when there were limits.. If we aren’t careful, it may just trickle down and another movement for students shall take the lead as Africa’s biggest student organization.

We are about to witness the demise of what was once a glorious student movement, due to the clueless power hungry greedy ones who can’t get enough of power or being called ‘leadership’ when they would have never had access to such in the first place if proper screening was done, but due to their recruitment and the contracts signed with their handlers and lovers within- this matters not to them, because they are addicted to the attention and the ‘power’ they are made to believe they wield.


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