Not All That Glitters Is Gold

I say this because,I had been conditioned into thinking the solution to our problems would come from the works of those foreign to us and those they shunned. We are the generation that has been called to repair that which was broken when our ways were slowly being removed from us throughout solutions that only benefited them ,sentencing us to a continued form of slavery with a modern pinch to it draped in the fabrics that once belonged to those who rebelled against this evil disguised as a system of transformation.
The works of those who stole from us have been shoved down our throats,the distorted version of our history has dominated the shelves carefully crafted by the vile ones for us to further the conditioning which has us allowing them to take over without a hassle. Despite the entire industry being under the control of the elites,there is only so much they can do to further condition you into living a lie.