Your Breadcrumb Collectors Are A Problem

When the ground started crumbling and the brave ones pointed it out, the crumb collectors were quick to extinguish those who dared to expose the rot within.

La Nkosi

The breadcrumb collectors impose themselves onto people and into places where the brave are, because they want to control the narrative and the running of things. This gives them the upper hand to further frustrate those who are genuine activists and advocates of change, because what they stand for prevents the crumbs from falling into the hands of the collectors who are only after the perks of being placed in positions of power. They would rather you address them as the parachuted leader they are who lacks substance and the qualities of a leader, because it tickles their fancy and it fuels the idea of them being in charge when in fact, they are to be charged for selling out in future for their current actions…

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Being a crumb collector must be a challenge, because you have a principal, a moderator and a collar attached to your neck! They use that fancy collar to rope you into tricky situations where you mess up your hands cause your principal can’t afford to get his hands dirty, do not be fooled by the advantages or privilege that comes with selling your freedom to the old hyenas who do not want to make way for the babies they made. Because your punishment will never you be on the same level as those who sent you to destroy anything that threatens the peace of their corrupt and greedy ways.

As a young person, be stingy with yourself especially when you are approached by hyenas who do nothing and do not want to leave. Question their authenticity when they claim to see potential in you, to avoid swimming in a gooey pond infested with the anger and hurt of those you would have betrayed by making a deal with the devil’s agent.

Is using you to push their wicked agenda towards the transformation of your campuses worth the temporary soft-life you secured? Is selling out worth the expensive alcohol ingested? Why agree to remove the voices that amplified yours, when no one else wanted to speak for you?

La Nkosi

I have no sympathy whatsoever for the crumb collectors because they were never genuine from the get go, the mistake they repeatedly make is to think those who recruited them into their shady ways will be there to stand by them when the cake hits the fan.