The Cabinet Reshuffle

The recent cabinet reshuffle got tongues wagging and the utterances were far from being positive, despite the reasoning behind it that creates an illusion of government undergoing some kind of transformational change that will accelerate service delivery in the country.

In his statement, the President justified the decision to reshuffle cabinet, claiming that the changes would ensure that the government is properly capacitated and directed to give effect to the commitments made in the SONA and the Budget Speech. He goes on to mention how they said the people of South Africa want action, solutions and that they want a government that is fully functional. He then urges all members of the executive to follow in this direction where they focus on taking actions that will have an impact which will ensure real progress within the next year is achieved, where a foundation will be laid for a sustained recovery into the future.

The President explains how the reshuffle came about and he then highlights why and takes us through the vision which points toward the energy that they will be putting in, which screams action instead of inaction, the question we all have is why did this have to take a while when the alarms had long gone off? The timing of things does not align with the reasoning behind the cabinet reshuffle that left us with the same crop of incompetent ministers, it indirectly exposes the President and his clique for their selfishness and disconnectedness to the masses because this only adds weight to their campaign strategy for the 2024 elections which are a few months away from now. If this trick worked for him in the previous elections which saw a decline in numbers where the ruling party was concerned, what makes him think it will work this time around?

We are tired of chanting the freedom charter, we are tired of the unemployment rate, we cannot deal with the high cost of living nor can we fathom the increase in crime and corruption anymore, for you to think a mere reshuffle will help eradicate these problems when your Ministers are questionable characters decorated with corruption and qualifications that hold no weight is a red flag on its own because how are we still stuck with the same people that got us here to begin with? What use is a reshuffle that favors him in his own political home instead of the country?

La Nkosi

Selective troubleshooting only breeds more chaos. When you promise to tackle the unemployment rate, poverty, crime, corruption and the high cost of living which all went up under your watch is crazy stuff, especially when the whistleblowers sounded the alarms on the corruption in departments led by your favorites where corruption prevents service delivery, where ignorance led to the decay in the running of things, arrogance led to the lack of accountability and money led to the throwing out of cases and increase in crime. When dealing with corruption the President and his clique must refrain from openly exposing their lack of objectivity, because it weakens his grip and it has nothing to do with consolidating or affirming power or authority, but rather it opens our eyes to the crumbling down of the castle he was once the King of.

This time around his moves werenโ€™t properly calculated, and blaming the emergence of the newly appointed DP is creepy especially now that he unlike Cupcake seems to have more power on the ground and is more popular.

Was the reshuffle justified?
To a certain extent, however being selective about uprooting the enablers or cheerleaders of crime and corruption weakens the justification made by the President. We are still stuck with the likes of Bheki Cele, The Airplane Masala Man, The Longest Reigning Queen of DBE, The Grim reaper of the TVET sector, The Vaccine Influencer for Institutions of Higher Learning &Training, the Spa Lady Grabber the list goes on, because there’s a crop of MPโ€™s who may have bought their qualifications. The only justified move was the removal of Nathi Mthetwa and the inclusion of new faces following the exit of the four ANC MPs who resigned earlier on in the year.

When the news first broke out about a looming resignation from the outgone Deputy President, Mr David Dabede Mabuza and a pending cabinet reshuffle. It got us thinking about what the outcomes would be and if it would be beneficial to the citizens of this country or not. The reshuffle was long overdue but then again as a county sikhapile.

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Godongs Mkhize Mthethwa Mabuza Cele Airplane Masala Man

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