Don’t Always Go With What They Give You

A lie was sold, which led to buying into the downfall of what was once a promising country.
False narratives that painted an image of a dawn that was said to be new, quickly flooded mainstream media which pushed the idea of positive change being on the horizon for the masses, which was far from being true.
False narratives pushed by the ones in charge through the media are a depiction of what it’s like to be drunk on undeserving borrowed power, the puppets may know what to say but they don’t have it in them to actually fulfil their end of the bargain. And when they are put on the spot, they unleash their minions on those who were among the first to blow the whistle, the same selective bunch who are props the elites fund.

Putting an end to corruption became a motto that helped them instill a sense of hope and their capability to achieve this goal, however this did not end well due to their failure to uproot the cause of corruption without being biased in their approach. We are faced with a problem of crooks in suits, that carry badges who hold senior positions that are alleged to have been parachuted by Mme Patricia M and she has proof which implicates the man with the hat who is a supposed anti-corruption activist, he was never scrutinized like Mr Digital Vibes which led to his resignation. A bold move that was clearly politically fuelled, however it wasn’t enough motivation for the man with the hat to walk the plank.
The man with the hat remained unbothered and arrogantly came for the whistleblower, and others who questioned him.

The untouchable ones are questionable characters who are corrupt and arrogant about the idea of accounting for their mishaps or contributions to the increase of all sorts of crime in the country and corruption, poor service delivery, poor sufficient health care facilities especially in places that were decorated with mobile clinics for years now with a bigger population, the death of the post office, the fall of the SABC, Airplane giveaway cases and alleged abusers? but they survive whenever a reshuffle is on the rise?

When a structure you are in charge of fails to deliver or fullly function for more than a year, what boosts your immunity from being stripped?
Why isn’t your title stripped for your underperformance?

Do not be quick to appluad all so-called stars of the show that the media wants you to credit for decisiveness and dignified leadership. Because they are selective when it comes to reporting on the not so cute doings of their faves.