Reject The Fall This Time Around

The system will create a distraction to shift your focus from the truth, because your ignorance is what keeps it going. This is why we are faced with a pandemic of celebrities and influencers who promote nothing but bile, by glorifying that which is demeaning, all in the name of moving with the times.
Unlike the programmed ones, they are compensated for preaching about leading an anti-black life riddled with nothing but unruly behaviour, they glamorize our oppression and try shove that down our throats as the new normal and we consume this content, because the system controls the world of media.

Before we hop onto the wave of activism, we ought to be clear on the vision/end-goal. Not all ‘movements’ are necessary and not all are authentic, remember that some are orchestrated by the system to shift your focus from actual pressing issues. Could eurocentric feminism be the solution to the problem faced? No, but we are promoting it through whitewashed versions of our history and the influential ones among us are being used to encourage this.

Instead of promoting our blackness, they demonise it and profit off our ignorance towards the rubbish they feed us whilst floating on the wave of black excellence.
We live among walking bots, who react to things based on the conditioning they are subjected to- and the system’s minions sprinkle glitter over the ruins to continue with its mission.

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