“To Whom It May Concern”

By Mnelisi Mawela

As Russia has written off the debts of African Nations amounting to more than $20 bln, I sit & wonder about our affiliation or rather our membership to the G20 Union.

I’ve never heard the G20 Countries writing off the Debts of African Countries that they’ve exploited & even stole from for Centuries, but yet they use so called “African Visits” to question relations with Russia & China & to also ensure that business for them continues as usual.

As we also Celebrated Human Rights recently.

I couldn’t help but wonder, What is it that we’re really celebrating?

Our Government has continued to fail it’s people. Thieves no longer wear baraclaves & hold guns, they wear suits & ties, drive fancy cars & live in expensive houses, court houses are a true reflection of what government representative have become, where Government department representatives are currently on stand & facing fruad charges.

So what did we really Celebrate on Human Rights Day?
When there are no viable solutions for the rising unemployment rate, teenage pregnancy, drug & substance abuse, lack of funds for Higer Learning & TVET students which continues to be a problem each & every year.

So what did we Celebrate?
When our Government continues to seek engineers & expertise from outside the country, while graduates from our country are over looked or not even considered by their own Government to assist them in rebuilding & sustaining failed SOEs.