‘For The Ones in Charge’

With intelligence not being injected into the skulls of our people because it came naturally, you would think our governments would have long prioritised the issue of unemployment, the high cost of living and removed themselves from the ruins of an inherited system they were recruited into maintaining, despite it being an alien system if we were to compare it to how governments were run during the ancient times.

You made social media easily accessible to them which shut the door of creativity and playfulness in their face, so they could be properly conditioned into living a life that was never theirs, so they could be conditioned into thinking disrespect is fashionable, so they could be conditioned into following trends that only dumb them down & it does not even end there.

It breaks my heart to see how the seed of self hate was carefully planted into the minds of the young, you demonised their authenticity and promoted the idea of taking on a character they like from a cartoon or show because the system deemed it so.

The same government and leaders then worsened things by hopping onto the bandwagon by becoming socialites without compromising. They would rather entertain themselves and others and censor those who actually use their platform for good reasons. Which is mind-boggling because they are quick to brag about fighting for the rights we selectively enjoy, when they are pampered and compensated for keeping us in a ditch with poverty greeting us at the entrance.

The lies we were fed before have expired, so have the stunts and tricks. Instead of waiting for your master to deliver a new script, why not walk out of the deal you signed? Or was it with the devil himself?

You are a shame to the children of the Mother Continent, and shall endure that which awaits you.
You turned her children into monsters they were never meant to become and sentenced their offspring to a life of poverty.