The Dangers Of Celebrating A Leader Before They Deliver

What we are seeing, is the death of what was once a glorious movement. The ugly thing about this death is how fast the sickness spreads among others who are in the same circle as these arrogant crop of leaders regardless of the political home they stem from, their advantage however is that they report to their seniors who are quick to discipline the rebels within whose incapacity to fulfil their responsibilities threaten the image and reputation of their home. A move that anchors their position in society and in the hearts of ordinary citizens of the country, who are tired of the corruption, crime, high cost of living, poverty, unemployment, poor service delivery and poor or no infrastructure.

Today we have a ruling party that claims to be at the forefront of fighting corruption, but how if it is corruption itself?
They are the reason we find ourselves on the brink of a recession as country, with a huge unemployment rate where the future of the country is concerned.
They are the ones behind the rise in debts graduates have to pay for an education they claimed would be free and accessible to all.
They are the reason our crime rate has increased, because they are housing convicted criminals in Parliament.
Bragging about an increase in government grants only exposes them for who and what they truly are. Don’t you dare think we are easily fooled by such when you could have created more jobs for people.

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The problem began when members of the ruling party who chose to ignore the red flags that kept on popping up prior and during their preferred candidate’s campaign, voted them into power.
When these leaders campaign for executive positions in their regions and provinces, members who support them ignore the red flags and become defensive whenever their preferred candidate is in the hot seat. They are quick to label it as propaganda without verification of what they are being told or shown, the seed of arrogance will then germinate and grow into a problem that will hinder the growth of the organization, they are said to be in charge of should they win.
When their contester emerges the promise making begins and we get to see the hopes of their supporters being played with. Which is a sad thing to watch because they chose to ignore the red flags when campaigning for their fav to enter, and so feeling sorry for them becomes a waste of time. I say this because their preferred who emerged was never the messiah they created when campaigning for him/her, that person only walked in that characters shoes to solidify things and secure those votes- which makes it difficult to feel bad for those who had high hopes because they deliberately chose to be ignorant to what required their attention, and even sugar-coated the baby skeletons which would have simplified things for everyone.

“They celebrated their leaders before they got into office, and now that they aren’t doing as they had promised those who voted them in- everyone is on the receiving end because the abuse of power and poor governance affects us all not just the members of the ruling party.” – Mthabiseng Matee

©La Nkosi Writes