We’ve Been Lied To For A While Now..

When something is planned by the elites, it will be carefully orchestrated to divert our attention from the truth.

The roll-out will be massive and newspapers will fly off the shelves, radio stations will be a buzz and the keyboard warriors shall begin trolling those who question the authenticity of the narrative that is being pushed.

Socialites who parade themselves as politicians will then flood our timelines with nothing but stupidity, exposing themselves for who and what they are.
Do not fall into the trap of giving away your power to an alien system run by the elites, who are the puppet masters of the conditioned leaders presented to you as heroes with a hidden but golden purpose.

Refuse to fall into the pool of distraction created by those in charge, theirs is to ensure that the puppets stay in office seeing that the elections are a few months away.

Do not be fooled by their sudden interest in ensuring change occurs for us Natives, they are the same people who failed to implement and opted to sing about the Freedom Charter.

They looked the other way when it came to accounting for the failure of departments they bragged about being the ministers of.

What good is a list of credentials when you have no work to show for the roles?

How stupid do you think we are as a Nation?

Being drunk on a power that is borrowed, is a recipe for disaster because the drunkards grow entitled to the respect given. Hence the abuse and misuse of power and state resources.

Their ignorance and arrogance being exposed through their rants and media parades is necessary, because they never put in the same energy where the delivery of basic services is a concern.