The Government’s Lullaby Song No Longer Puts Us To Sleep

When the government sings lullabies, we no longer fall asleep.

Ever since the new dawn began our trust in them has eroded, and they have resorted to what may now be a failed attempt of image sanitation, because it led to the punishment of those who were bold enough to speak up.

As the veil of deception continues to lift, revealing the truth as it is, we will be left with little leadership because the vile hearted ones infected the now turned motivational speakers and radicalists with the same sickness of feeding their greedy desires, lustful demands,and hunger for status so as to secure their dominance, and also bask in the tainted glory of their battered egos and those of the creeps who groomed them.

It is impossible to censor all of us despite the public examples set by those who feed their cravings, their intolerance for the truth only exposes them for the cowards they are.
The senseless parades and speeches inspired by the soapies they binge watch on when the rest of us whither away in the dark is an example of how greedy these cowards can be.

Their control over how the media influences us is slowly depleting, because the lop-sided approach taken when reporting on serious issues that expose the favored ones has caught the attention of those whose future is at risk.

There is no cage that can contain the fighter within when today’s leaders and ambassadors of the truth are cowards.

Thandolwethu Dlamini ๐Ÿ‘‘