Why Cry Wolf, When You’re The Wolf Himself?

You ridiculed those who called you out on your wicked ways and made sure to close the doors on the genuine ones whenever their names were being mentioned, in spaces you felt were your playground- forgetting about how you were parachuted like many others and spoon-fed with clever rubbish to a certain level so as to not shame the one who roped you in to begin with.

There was an increase in crime, unemployment & number of drop outs due to being financially excluded because of the high cost of living and the negative side of the Covid-19 Lockdown, but that did not stop you from showing off the lavish lifestyle you led, despite claims of being a social activist of note.

Opportunities were presented to you and instead of empowering and sharing, you held on to everything and enjoyed the fruits meant for the advancement those you claimed to be a representative of. Instead of troubleshooting the problems you sought to prolong them because it would buy you more time with the seniors. Little did you know that this would be your downfall because you got drunk on borrowed power and abused your proximity to the seniors whose recognition you are yet to enjoy till this day.

You abused your authority and neglected your commitments which became a trend adopted by those like you, and we got to see you power hungry moles for who you are because again you were never rooted in that which kept your structure going, like a broken record the songs you sang made no sense but due to the brokenness and emptiness of the ones you control like a remote, they opted to house you and protect what was left of the little dignity you had. This only made things worse because it confirmed the rumor of being a sell out when it came to advancing the fight for transforming the situation for all students and not just a selected few… you began to sell out the minute you went in to office.

There was an increase in dropouts and a fake concern when it came to TVET related issues, your biased approach to issues faced by students from TVET dominated areas only exposed the fakeness within, that was hidden by your disgusting arrogance and a pride born from borrowed power which was never yours. When presented with the platform to raise the volume on the noise made about the issues faced, you saw it fit to use #TVETSMUSTRISE as an income generator for yourself and fellow clowns.

You set out to silence those who dared to challenge you, by spreading the poison that has now began to spit in your face. You insulted and ridiculed those who called you out on your selfishness and even went as far as abusing them verbally, for standing by the students you claimed to be the voice of.

You carefully picked out the desperate ones among us and bought their loyalty by stripping them of their dignity, which was your way of infiltrating areas you identified as cash cows because you felt entitled to the enjoyment of unlimited access to resources meant for the advancement & empowerment of students.

Let us walk through memory lane to avoid swimming in a pool of pity for cowards like yourself, with no spinal chord to support the lies you effortlessly spread when you were temporarily in a position of a power you borrowed to better this mess of a lifestyle you lead.


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