The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Be on the lookout for wolves in sheep’s clothing, who claim to be one of us, due to their hunger for power.
Take note of the fake activists who speak more and do less, those who claim to fight for what’s right, but only crave the spotlight. Their words perfectly crafted to sound noble and just, but their actions only breed more distrust.
They are spin doctors who twist the truth to suit their needs,
And manipulate the masses with preying on our fears and our pain, committing to implement change only to spread disdain. They hijack real causes for their own selfish gain, leaving behind nothing but a trail of shame. Reject their advances and reclaim your power, refuse to fall prey to their deceptive ways, do not be deceived by their sleek facade, reject their perfectly presented lies!

Be on the lookout for this crop for they are agents of deceit,
Who cover themselves in sheets of righteousness, and raise
their voices in an irritable manner…
Their actions may at first be so, however their motives suspect, and they sure as hell aren’t who they claim to be.
These fake activists of change, who claim to fight for good
Are often just charlatans, who use their wordplay as a hood
To hide their true intentions, masking their hidden agenda
A crop whose objectives are far from being noble, but rather more puerile. They speak of social justice, and claim to stand for all but their actions says otherwise and the noise made is much louder than their utterances, they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
For they exploit the very people, they claim to have been called to help…their only goal is to fatten up their bellies by enriching themselves, at the expense of the herd of sheep they deceived into thinking they were apart of.