They Said To Tell You This.

We are the generation that has been called to restore the structure of the pillars that once held our homes.Chosen before we were conceived and gifted before our mothers birthed us. Tasked with the responsibility to lead and heal the wounds that continue to hinder us from becoming our true selves. We are because they … Continue reading They Said To Tell You This.

About That Toothless Dog That Won’t Stop Barking…

My crown was never yours to play with, nor was my seat yours to steal. I have come to learn that we have our own individual purpose in this lifetime and there's no room for jealousy in my circle. I am no coward nor am I cruel, but I won't tolerate being disrespected by a … Continue reading About That Toothless Dog That Won’t Stop Barking…

Why The Whistle-blowers Don’t Last

Despite every person in South Africa having the right to a local government that functions well by providing basic services without any complications- corruption has defeated the chance of government ever being able to fulfill it's role in the delivery of basic services. Whistle-blowers are important for the uprooting of the ills. When a Whistle-blower … Continue reading Why The Whistle-blowers Don’t Last

Why Is She Here?

The minute I walked in, I could feel the eyes of those who doubted my capabilities study me. I was told prior setting foot into the space of how they had already concluded before I could even prove myself, not to them but to those who entrusted me with the responsibility of reviving that which … Continue reading Why Is She Here?