An Innocent Reminder

If it is written in your life story, it won’t lead to planting the seed of self-resentment in you. When we neglect our roots by abandoning our true identity, we take up an identity created by the system which only makes room for more chaos. Your bag was divinely created for you, stop chasing the … Continue reading An Innocent Reminder


They Said To Tell You This.

We are the generation that has been called to restore the structure of the pillars that once held our homes.Chosen before we were conceived and gifted before our mothers birthed us. Tasked with the responsibility to lead and heal the wounds that continue to hinder us from becoming our true selves. We are because they … Continue reading They Said To Tell You This.

“To Whom It May Concern”

By Mnelisi Mawela As Russia has written off the debts of African Nations amounting to more than $20 bln, I sit & wonder about our affiliation or rather our membership to the G20 Union.I've never heard the G20 Countries writing off the Debts of African Countries that they've exploited & even stole from for Centuries, … Continue reading “To Whom It May Concern”

Reject The Fall This Time Around

The system will create a distraction to shift your focus from the truth, because your ignorance is what keeps it going. This is why we are faced with a pandemic of celebrities and influencers who promote nothing but bile, by glorifying that which is demeaning, all in the name of moving with the times.Unlike the … Continue reading Reject The Fall This Time Around

Don’t Always Go With What They Give You

A lie was sold, which led to buying into the downfall of what was once a promising country. False narratives that painted an image of a dawn that was said to be new, quickly flooded mainstream media which pushed the idea of positive change being on the horizon for the masses, which was far from … Continue reading Don’t Always Go With What They Give You