About That Problem

Let’s talk about that problem…

Now that the veil is lifted, have you no remorse for that which you put us through?
Have you no shame in your contribution to the bullying we are constantly subjected to?
Declaring a war from the onset is better than the betrayal of what posed to be the solution to the issues faced.
Now that the veil is lifted, have you no heart? You deliberately turned a blind eye when vigilance was required a slumber crept in.. You had us fooled! Shifting the blame towards those you thought to be loyal to you…
Now the thing about this problem is, when loyalty is broken dishonesty frequents and masks come off. Before the finger pointing begins those like yourself, find themselves devising plans that favor their ego driven aspirations.
Your vision is clouded by the mutters of your ego, responsibility leaves your grip and instability shakes the ground upon which you layed the foundation cemented by deceit.
Before I go, You see when things weren’t meant to be they just weren’t and trying to manipulate the winds of time to favor a dream that only benefits your circle… will never end well you may think you’re ahead when in fact you’re at the back growling like the pig that you are.
You can’t silence everyone that speaks out against your actions!
Never prey on the innocence of those genuine to the cause, their tears, sweat and hard work can never be in vain!