A captured media

I would not only be failing myself but generations to come, if I allow WMC Media the advantage of influencing everything that has to do with me. I can not and will not sit down and keep my mouth shut! News has an influence on our lives, news helps keep us informed on what is happening around us, also news assists with notifying people of danger and the weather…. This is ensured by the media. The media influences how we go about doing things according to the society… This WMC Media may have influenced certain things in my life but I’m not going to allow it happen again, our crime was to support RET, something which would result in the oppressors being booted in the long run, I just don’t get why we are suffering the way we are all because we want economic freedom. These media houses are influenced by WMC, hence they push propaganda and throw their journalism ethics away only to enrich themselves and impress the enemy. The news we get is scripted in a way that protects their own and degrades any African person that supports RET. Notice how online newspapers reported on the white man who raped a young girl and how his identity was protected yet when the NSFAS case with that young woman came about they put her name out there? Her safety?

I will not allow wmc a second chance to brainwash me, the very same media vilified mama Winnie and many others, yet they protect and respect racist white people. The media has the power to influence choices made by society, it’s a pity ours is overbiased. Notice how they allow organizations whose main aim is to make the black man look bad platforms to speak? Notice how they allow organizations with outdated and lopsided rules the chance to share their opinions and judgements on hot the status quo should be maintained? Remember how the president of South Africa Mr Cyril Ramaphosa was painted a villain during the Marikana saga and now a hero? The media is powerful. But I will not fall prey to WMC Media. What confuses me is in tertiary we are being taught about ethics and the media houses that we hoped to work for are all doing the complete opposite, and hide behind the media freedom banner… Now the question is whose truth is the truth? Which one matters? Theirs or that of adhering to the journalism rule book?